Joining the Chelsea and Fulham Sub-Aqua Club is easy, whether you are new to the sport, want to continue your training, or are already qualified and want to go diving with a club.

Contact us, details below, and they will arrange for you to come to a pool session on a club night. We’ll take you for a swim or a ‘try dive’, introduce you to some of the members and finish off with a pint in the bar. If you would like to join us this can be done on-line via the BSAC website (

Qualified Member

The fee is £120. This includes £60 per year membership to CFSAC (Chelsea and Fulham Sub-Aqua Club) and £60 for annual BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) membership.


The fee is £210. This is the total for a new diver and includes £60 BSAC membership plus £150 to Chelsea and Fulham SAC for membership and the Ocean Diver Training Pack.

Additional Information

For a diver continuing membership for a second year, the club fees are reduced to £50 per year. The reason the first year is more expensive is to cover the cost of equipment hire, maintenance and servicing, air fills and training. It is assumed that by the second year you will have bought at least some of your own equipment and so the club fees are reduced to take this into account.

Student members and Instructors may be eligible for a discount on their BSAC membership fee.

BSAC membership fees quoted current as of March 2019.

All BSAC membership fees info is here: Membership fees

Contact Us

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